Statistics of King Georg

King Georg
In 2019, the King Georg faced several challenges: the team was exhausted, the coffers empty, the facility was exciting but ailing and therefore required a thorough renovation by the authorities. The new operators were jazz crazy people from the circle of the friends' association of Cologne Jazz Supporters eV In addition to necessary and well-considered modernizations with the aim of maintaining the atmosphere of King Georg, they set a new musical focus: jazz, straight ahead, modern and more ... as it should be in a jazz club. The idea: from Monday to Thursday at least twice a week excellent live jazz concerts, on the "free" days free gigs by "Young Talents" of the music college for visitors. In addition, a varied program with literature and different styles of music on Friday and Saturday before the DJs start at 11 p.m. Opening it 6 days a week is brave - the King Georg team makes it possible through their commitment.
King Georg
Sudermanstraße 2
March 20235,689
February 20233,630
January 20236,694
December 20225,185
November 20227,367
October 20225,631
September 20224,019
August 20227,907
July 20228,324
June 20223,865
May 20224,017
April 20223,829
March 20222,214
February 20222,917
January 20222,181
December 20211,802
November 20211,395
October 2021251
September 2021212
August 2021241
July 2021137
June 2021192
May 2021324
April 2021219
March 2021127

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