The idea

In 2000 I started programming the first version of the jazz calendar. I had the idea to offer the large fan community of jazz a forum that kept them up to date on current concerts. The musicians themselves should be able to enter their events and other dates online.

Over the years, many new ideas and functions have been added, such as entering cds or concert tickets.

Thanks to the many visitors and users of these pages, thanks to your ideas and suggestions, the jazz calendar is still in development.

Mirko Kirschbaum

Where is the advantage over having your own website?

The majority of the musicians have their own website and present their dates there. Many also have a social media profile and are linked worldwide.

But which way does the jazz audience go? They are looking for concerts in their area. This gave me the idea of linking the data in such a way that a search based on these criteria would make sense:

musician ↔ ensemble ↔ location ↔ city ↔ country

Let's have a look at this entry:

Jun 2023
Fri time tba
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The event may be found under:

North Holland / Netherlands
Amsterdam / Netherlands
Larry Grenadier
Larry Grenadier
double bass

How is the service funded?

The jazz calendar is and remains a free platform for musicians, concert organizers and of course the countless visitors. We finance ourselves exclusively from advertising revenue and our fee-based services. Every euro we take is reinvested, because the data volume increases every day and we regularly need stronger server capacities.

We have been participating in various partner programs for years. These include Amazon, Jpc, iTunes and the many ticket shops. We get a commission for each item or ticket sold. If a visitor clicks on a corresponding link, he will be redirected to the partner page. If he buys this or another item from the shop there, the commission will be credited within a few days. You can support us by clicking on one of the links and buying products.

What do we do with the income?

For many years we have been generating surpluses from advertising income. These are given to a good cause. The Jazzkalender is a sustaining member of the following non-profit companies:

to be continued...

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