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Meric Yurdatapan

Meric Yurdatapan
'In this lively encounter of different cultures the artist has developed an extraordinary, charming and completely independent music. ' (Jazzpodium, Germany, Klaus Mümpfer)

'The result is a music all of its own; a music that is never only ethnic, but rather a successful blend of all the influences which have shaped Meriç herself. ' (Jazzinstitut Darmstadt/Germany, Wolfram Knauer)

'Her warm and clear head voice in the melodious tunes is the perfect counterpart to the piano; the flute is enh
Meric Yurdatapan

Meriç Yurdatapan was born and raised in Istanbul, the daughter of the well-known composer and songwriter Sanar Yurdapan. She came to Germany at the age of eighteen to study architecture in Karlsruhe.

However, she realized that music and singing were her true vocation. So she switched her studies and attended the Badische Conservatorium from which she graduated with a degree in classical vocal training. She then continued her studies in Mainz at the Johannes Gutenberg Universität, graduating with a degree in the jazz department.

Her oriental roots, her studies and working together with many European musicians have shaped Meric's vocal abilities - and it enables her to blend the different music styles harmoniously and thus create a unique music of her very own.

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