Küspert & Kollegen

Küspert & Kollegen
Küspert’s colleagues are internationally renowned musicians with experience in
the world of cinema. Küspert & Kollegen gave performances around the world. The ensemble is
composed of Bastian Jütte, winner of the ECHO Jazz 2013 and Neuer Deutscher
Jazz preis 2016, on drums; Dietmar Fuhr, one of the best- known contemporary
jazz bass players in Europe; saxophonist and clarinetist Till Martin (Preis der
preis der deutschen schallplattenkritik, neuer deutscher jazz preis) ; and Werner
Küspert & Kollegen


„today’s jazz for the films of yesteryear“

A small chamber jazz ensemble right next to the silver screen: KÜSPERT & COLLEAGUES embrace the atmosphere of horror classic “Nosferatu” as well as slapstick and melodramatic silent films.
Their audience: today’s jazz lovers and silent film enthusiasts. “Our fingers are on the pulse - quite contemporary and outright unpredictable, rather unlike traditional silent film music”, explains guitar virtuoso and composer Werner Küspert.
KÜSPERT & COLLEAGUES cover the repertoire of the early days of the cinematic art. Their high-end performance infused with feeling for those special moments in the films makes them highly coveted jazz musicians of international renown. Werner Küspert composes contemporary jazz scores, blending precise aspects with ample occasion for spontaneous inspiration and improvisation. 

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