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Lazarev Project Group

Lazarev Project Group
Lazarev Project Group

Igor Lazarev (Guitar) has brought together a new trio. If you love intelligent and exhilarating music, this is a must-see: Fusion jazz with bits from Rock, Funk and Latin, played powerfully and interactively.

Alternating on board are first class musicians: Bernhard Spiess, James Morgan, Martin Gjakonovski, Stephan Schöpe, Emanuel Stanley, Camillo Villa, Max Dommers, Danh Thai, Karsten Fernau, Stefan Tapp, Goran Vujic, Valerie Simmonds, Hanjo Gäbler, Christian Kussmann (e.g.)

Igor Lazarev’s own compositions are complex and stirring, reflecting very personal aspects of spirituality, family, and life. The artistic expression is a pure and unconditional matter of the heart, full of passion – jazzy, stompy, groovy, funky!

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