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Herman's Dixie Express

Herman's Dixie Express
'Good Mood Jazz' promises Herman's Dixie Express from Lower Saxony. With tuba, banjo/guitar, drums, trumpet and soprano saxophone/tenor saxophone go four musicians and a musician at the start and introduce their audiences Dixieland and Swing.
Herman's Dixie Express

'Let's form a band, which is ready for use at any time day or night immediately, spontaneously, unreinforced, and without any effort.' Fast and unbureaucratic Booking and commitment, yet high quality of musical performance is the maxim '. Based on this question. arose 'Herman's Dixie Express' It was formed a jazz quartet with a difference - trumpet, saxophone, banjo and tuba -. Later the band became a quintet, which has been extended with drums Depending Versanstaltungsart the musicians present with or without reinforcement.. Thus, 'Herman's Dixie Express' for almost all conceivable occasions such as family gatherings, serenades, street fairs, receptions, presentations, exhibition stands, city celebrations, festivals and more...

The band can also be used as Marchingband. Z. b. city??festivals or concerts, on which to play in different places.

A highlight of the band 2015 was the participation at the International Dixieland Festival in Dresden. Eight days of music were scheduled. In addition to the official opening of the festival we played the family day at the zoo, life artists, riverboat party, age slaughterhouse Riverboat special trip, on the festival mile, in Feldschlösschen Stammhaus and on the last day, the final parade.

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