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Heike Duncker Berlin-Trio

Heike Duncker Berlin-Trio
Modern Jazz: Eigenkompositionen
Heike Duncker Berlin-Trio

Heike Duncker Berlin-Trio (Germany)
The jazz group headed by Heike Duncker invites the audience to take part in its escapades along the borders between ethno and modern jazz.
The current line-up has been in existence since 2014 and surprises its listeners with Heike Duncker’s playful compositions which are mutually surpassing each other. The three instruments take turns in being the centre of attention, but always build up a homogeneous sound as a group. First the piano invites us to travel away (“Cap Verde”), then the bass with its sonorous voice does not cease to captivate our minds (“Karas”). You will feel a touch of tango in “Perlmutation”, whereas in “Dr. Schulz” the drummer is offered a free space for expression. “Tales Of Wales” will take us away on an endless journey. During an all-night programme the trio is tempting and bewildering its audience – with a love for straight rhythms and for odd meter, with ballads and musical adventures loving to flirt with a varied folklore (“Tres Carabelas”)

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