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Christian Pabst Trio

Christian Pabst Trio
'Beautiful compositions with master musicians accompanying”
Birmingham Times, USA

'there's a sensibility at work here that's reminiscent of EST in their heyday. '
Jazzwise, Great-Britain

'sound of a group that knows what it’s about'
Ottawa Citizen, Canada 'a promising composer and musician. ' Jazzmozaïek, Netherlands 'Pabst reaches inside for a brooding, think-out-loud approach that never loses sight of melody or drama. ” Jazzwax, USA
Christian Pabst Trio

When the international press talks about German pianist Christian Pabst, you often hear words like

„a poet at the piano“ or „an extraordinarily lyrical musician“. One reason might be that the

foundation of his music is always a story and a very personal one.

After living and playing in Paris and Copenhagen, Christian returned to his adopted home

Amsterdam with plenty of musical and human impressions. He’s reflecting these intensive past two

years in Song of Opposites - the new album of his longtime trio.

Central to the thrilling compositions are his companions Marco Zenini on the bass and Erik Kooger

on the drums. Marco is from Rome, Italy, and is a sought-after bassist because of his beautiful

melodic approach and his exceptional sense for groove. Dutch drummer Erik Kooger, known for his

work with the Michiel Borstlap Trio and the Deeldeliers, perfects the trio’s sound with his

passionate and sensitive playing.

Most remarkable of this group and their new program is the very personal way of storytelling that

this trio has been associated with since its beginning: elegantly through- composed passages

connect effortlessly with powerful interplay and improvisational fire. The poetry unfolds by merging

various artistic and cultural influences and thus manages to touch listeners from all musical


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