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Bourbon Street Stompers

Bourbon Street Stompers
The Bourbon Street Stompers were founded in Essen in May 1993 when we were still teenagers attending school. The current line-up has been playing together since 1996. Early on we were awarded the first prize by WDR – the biggest German radio broadcasting company – in the category 'Best Up-and-coming Band' in 1995. This enabled us to record our first album A Tribue To Dixie. Still being a bit stunned we watched as things really took off after that.
Bourbon Street Stompers

But what sets this band apart from the average?

First of all it is the close friendship among the seven band members, which has been developing over the years and enables us to stand our ground against professional bands. Moreover, we wish to unleash this vital and infectious music and let it carry away our audience whenever we get together on stage.

Throughout our stylistic development we have been constantly moving back towards the intrinsic roots of Jazz. In discovering New Orleans Hot Jazz from the early 20's and 30's, we admit that we were at first put off by the hiss and crackle of the old recordings, but fortunately we persisted in our diligent search. Hence, we take great pride in paying our utmost tribute to those great Jazz musicians who are widely considered as the creators of Jazz. To list only a few of them: King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Luis Russel, Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton, Clarence Williams or Duke Ellington. We wish to take a leaf out of their book.

Wherever this is going, we'd love if you strolled along with us "back to the roots"!

Festivals, Jazz clubs & Jazz venues


Oliver Cromwell Jazz Festival, Upton on Severn, '06-‘07

Starbucks Birmingham International Jazz Festival,

'05-'06, ‘08

Tynemouth Festival, Newcastle, '06

Whitley Bay Jazz Festival, Newcastle, '06

Nottingham Rhythm Club, '06

Warwick International Festival, '06


New Orleans Jazz Competition, St. Raphaël, ‘07


Marbella Jazz Festival, Spain '06

Oldtime Jazz Festival Mallorca, Spain '04

The Netherlands

Jazz By The Sea, Domburg, Netherlands '03

Jazz Festival Enkhuizen, Netherlands ‘07


Cercle du Jazz Hot, Verviers, '98, '01


Jazz festival Düsseldorfer Jazzrally '96-'07

Jazz festival Gronau, ‘07

Jazz festival Gelsenkirchener Jazztage

Jazz festival Siegen '05-'06

Jazz festival Lüdenscheid '05-'06

Jazz festival Düsseldorfer Altbiertage '97-'99

Jazz festival Mülheimer Jazz-Night, '97

Jazz festival Dillenburg, ‘07

Jazz festival Wuppertal '05-'06

Jazz festival Remscheid '05-'06

Jazz club Uerige, Düsseldorf

Jazz club Das Feuerschiff, Hamburg

Jazz club Siegburger Brauhaus, Siegburg

Jazz club Hothouse Jazzclub, Gelsenkirchen

Jazz club Wuppertaler Brauhaus

Jazz club Dr. Jazz, Düsseldorf

Jazz club Em Pöötzke, Düsseldorf

Jazz club Fritzel's Jazzpub, Gelsenkirchen

Jazz club Mülheimer Jazzclub, Mülheim

Companies & Organisations

EUCAR, European Council for Automotive R&D, Bruxelles

Siemens-Nixdorf AG, Düsseldorf

Mercedes-Benz France, Paris

Ferrostaal AG, Essen

Audi Zentrum, Duisburg

BMW, Essen

Potts Brauerei, Oelde

Gothaer-Versicherung, Hamburg

National-Bank, Essen

IBM, Bad Kissingen

Siemens AG, Essen

Geno-Volksbank, Essen

DKV, Cologne

Biba Pariscope, Duisburg

Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH, Essen

Privatbrauerei Moritz Fiege, Bochum

Danzas Logistic GmbH, Neuss

Steinwerke Kupferdreh, Essen

Niggemann AG, Bochum

Kunsthalle Cubus, Duisburg

Steinkohletag 1999, Essen

Various medical congresses of Uni-Klinik, Essen

Various medical congresses of Ruhrlandklinik, Essen

Ford Winkler, Velbert

Alfa-Romeo-Centro, Essen

Aachener Nachrichten

... and uncounted private events.

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