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Statistics of ARLT - ENGEL - PICHL: 'No Drums? No Way!'

ARLT - ENGEL - PICHL: 'No Drums? No Way!'
Swinging renditions of compositions by Horace Silver, Wes Montgomery, Kenny Dorham, Duke Ellington, Kenny Burrell, Peter Sprague,... presented by an exciting trio featuring Bernhard Pichl on piano, Michael Arlt on Guitar and bassist Rudi Engel.
ARLT - ENGEL - PICHL: 'No Drums? No Way!'
May 2024150
April 2024262
March 2024175
February 2024281
January 2024806
December 2023180
November 2023204
October 2023288
September 2023286
August 2023228
July 2023357
June 2023273
May 2023251
April 2023123
March 2023124
February 202370
January 202375
December 202268
November 2022112
October 202261
September 2022109
August 2022107
July 2022112
June 2022119
May 2022128

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