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Smart Metal Hornets

Smart Metal Hornets
Diese 'Quintessenz einer oststeirischen Blaskapelle' entstand 1990 in Graz und hat seither alle Höhen und Tiefen der österreichischen Kulturlandschaft ohne bleibende Schäden überlebt.
Smart Metal Hornets

This “quintessence of a Styrian brass band” has been founded in 2001 and has successfully performed concerts in Austria and Germany.

The music of the trio Smart Metal Hornets from Graz is supported and enriched by the extraordinary, sensitive and demanded musician from Leipzig, Wolfram Dix (drums & percussion). Dix’ artistic career has been eventful and has brought him together with important musicians of the international music scene: Joe Zawinul, Nina Hagen, Charlie Mariano, Nigel Kennedy and others. He has been working as an instructor at the HMT Leipzig for over 20 years. Successful concerts in Eurasia, Africa and North America as well.

The main artistic interest of the band is to combine rhythm. Harmony, melody and formality of traditional material from different music fields into an innovative, original and last but not least humorous way. During the last years this artistic interest was focused mainly at the traditional Austrian folk music, realised by these unusual instruments and the unorthodox concept, which is mainly based on own compositions and arrangements. In this way SMH & DiX see themselves not only as activists of a musical insider-minority, but they also want to be understood by the “normal” music-interested audience.

The CD “Fusionierter Zwiefacher” has been published in 2007.

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