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Raumschiff Jazz

Raumschiff Jazz
Spaceship Jazz- music from another world.
Raumschiff Jazz

Reiner Hess formed this fantastic band in 2007.

Raumschiff Jazz ( spaceship jazz) is based in Berlin, Germany.

However, their music is taking off around the entire world.

They have played in New York, Lissabon, Sarajevo,

and Berlin, just to name a few.

Their compositions are an expressive mixture of avantgarde music, bebop, rock and jazz.

Saxophone, guitar, electronics/fx, bass and drums creating wonderful sounds from a special area in the cosmos.

This powerfull music is full of energy and is extremely interacitve.

Its´s impossible to be bored when you,re listening to their music.

Reiner Hess, the altosaxplayer and leader of Raumsschiff Jazz,

is a gifted improvisor.

You have to see this big guy unique performance.

You have to check this guy's music out.

You will enjoy it!

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