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Add One

Add One
We've got soul! ADD ONE (*2012) -and are ready to 'Add One' not only to the landscape of Vocal Music, but to link a cappella band sound the big world of Jazz and Pop.
A link most logical, because: A cappella IS Music!
Three singers from conservatories of Arnheim, Enschede, Maastricht and Folkwang Essen
build bridges between Jazz, Pop, Latin, Soul and R'n'B, Black Music and European roots,
instrumental sounds and voice.
Add One

ADD ONE 100% voice * 100% ourselves * 100% groovy * 100% loveable

ADD ONE is the A cappella – and Vocal Group joining everything which makes really good music:

Groove, sphere, improvisation, own songs with sense and message.

No safety nets, no instruments necessary – it´s a complete band with our voices..

We ADD some pure voice acrobatics by imitating all possible (and impossible) instruments.

A stage-vibrating beatbox solo is followed by fragile, sensitive sound collages is followed by …. who will know?

Jazz, Soul, Pop music and some Brazilian rhythms become one through us and that is - music!

Of course we ADD a lot of improvisation. Which makes our gig a special event - not only for the audience.

We can be humorous, but don´t need that for entertaining. What we sing lyrically is „message soul“ to the point.

May be about mass consumption, music overkill, globalization, I-Phone-mania.

ADD ONE – 100% an authentic sonic event. Join and enjoy it!

Since 2012 we consist of: Julia Wendel (soprano) Imke J. Spöring (mezzo/soprano), Matthias Ortmann (baritone/beatbox).

All of us graduated from conservatories Arnhem/Enschede, Folkwang Essen or Cologne.

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